We have more than a decade of experience successfully accompanying our clients in the business sector, as well as public entities in the management of their activities, preventing risks and solving contingencies.

Public Companies

House of Representatives

Advice to the Third Commission or Finance and Public Credit of the House of Representatives, in the elaboration and justification of bills in economic matters, from the statement of reasons to the articles brought to discussion.

Defense of the insured of La Previsora ​​Seguros.

Fiscal responsibility and disciplinary processes in defense of those insured by Public Servants policies, for an amount greater than two hundred billion pesos, with a very positive result, by achieving the closure of processes for more than one hundred billion pesos, without convictions against those represented.

Secretary of Finance – Government of Boyacá

Advice to the Office of the Secretary in matters of state contracting, budget regulations, structuring of investment projects and administrative law.

Sasaima Municipality

Accompaniment in the preparation of the Municipal Development Plan for the 2020-2023 period, together with the Investment Plan, the Territorial Health Plan and the special reports presented to the Municipal Council for approval. Advice, accompaniment and preparation of the closing report of the previous territorial government of the municipality of Sasaima, period 2016-2019 and connection sessions with the incoming municipal administration.

Duitama Municipality

Contract for the provision of professional services for advice on administrative contracting, during the years 2014 and 2015. Among the objectives of these contracts, is training in the new contracting regime, attention to queries, elaboration of concepts in matter contractual, from minimum amount to larger amount contracting.

State Industrial and Commercial Company - Bogotá Lottery

Judicial and extrajudicial representation of the entity, in processes of administration and management of the judicial contingent, whose claims exceed eight billion pesos ($8,000,000.oo). Accompaniment in the negotiation with the concessionaire in the stage of convocation to the Court of Arbitration, for claims greater than nine billion pesos ($9,000,000,000.oo)

Fedelco – Colombian Lottery Federation

Advice on the structuring of the appropriate corporate vehicle for the exploitation of territorial gambling rights.

Mixed Economy Company – Duitama SA Passenger Terminal

Representation and defense of the interests of the entity, within the arbitration court derived from the execution of a work contract by delegated administration, whose claims exceeded one thousand two hundred million pesos ($1,200,000,000.oo). Diagnosis and reorganization of the legal structure that supports the public utility Macroproject called the Duitama Passenger Transport Terminal, including the review of the actions of public entities, corporate aspects of the entity and consistency with land use regulations.

Convida Health Promotion Company of the subsidized regime

Advice to the Manager's Office in the Entity's Strategic Planning model, within the legal framework that regulates the provision of services in the subsidized regime.

Association of municipalities of Gualivá - Asogualivá in liquidation

Management and coordination of the association's liquidation process, under the legal framework applicable to decentralized entities of the departmental order.

ESE Hospital San Rafael de Tunja

Advice to the Management, in legal matters of the ordinary course of the activities of the ESE, especially in matters related to requirements and processes before control entities, and special projects, among them, the structuring of the acquisition model of the Esimed Clinic of Tunja.

ESPB – Boyacá Public Services Company

Design of the care model for disciplinary processes; substantiation of disciplinary processes and creation of follow-up indicators.

Municipality of Nobsa

Structuring and updating of the Income Statute and the Manual of Accounting Policies, in accordance with the needs of the entity

Cold Storage Company and Fairgrounds of Zipaquirá EFZ.

Review and update of the Contracting Manual of the Industrial and Commercial Company EFZ.

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