Our proffesional services

There are these
professional practice áreas:

Company Law:

We accompany companies at all levels in their daily management, to prevent risks, design safe operation strategies and develop projects within the applicable regulatory frameworks, in the areas of corporate law, contract law, labor law, environmental law, tax law and legal support in the structuring of new projects and contracts. Likewise, we accompany foreign companies in their business expansion process in our country, through commercial agencies or the constitution of subsidiary companies.

Public Law

Advice to public entities, public servants, contractors and companies dedicated to sectors of regulated competition, in matters of public finance, administrative and constitutional law, state contracting, social security, public services, accompaniment in the structuring, execution and defense of utility projects public, fiscal and disciplinary responsibility, accompaniment to territorial entities in the structuring of investment, infrastructure and public finance projects.

Advice on the preparation and justification of bills, from the statement of reasons to the articles brought to discussion.

Litigation and Arbitration

We have lawyers with more than twenty years of experience in litigation in the Ordinary Civil, Constitutional, Administrative Litigation, control entities, arbitration courts, and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Reorganizations and liquidations:

We have an interdisciplinary team in legal and economic matters to advise and accompany your company in reorganization or liquidation processes.

We have the physical and technological resources as well as a team of professionals specialized in different areas of business activity, to carry out the tasks entrusted:

Our work is part of the high standards of professional quality and compliance throughout the eleven years of professional practice in the market, which is reflected in the achievement of the agreed objectives with our clients and their loyalty through the time.

Our experience in multiple legal specialties allows us to efficiently attend to any matter submitted to analysis or management, both judicially and extrajudicially, which is reflected in the achievement of the agreed objectives with our clients.

Business expansion

The different legal models that allow operating in our country are analyzed, either through direct operation through subsidiaries, or through distribution and commercial representation contracts. Once the model is defined, the following services are offered.

Accompaniment in the business activity

After the formalization of the company, it is shared in the activities of business development

Advantages of working with us:

We have a professional interdisciplinary team, experts in regulatory and corporate affairs that guarantee the presentation of the most appropriate operating model for your objectives.

Our geographical location is strategic for the expansion process in Latin America, not only because of its location, but also because of the free trade agreements signed with the countries of the area.

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