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We have a professional team specialized in different areas of business activity and the public sector, as well as the physical and technological resources necessary to carry out the tasks entrusted to us.

Janneth Pérez Camberos


More than 25 years of professional experience, advising private companies and public entities, and in litigation. Studies in financial law, postgraduate in Insurance and Social Security and Administrative Law, candidate for a Master’s degree in Economic Law and in public and private contractual law.
Expert in economic law in regulated competition frameworks. High capacity for analysis and skills to generate recommendations and strategic actions. Responsible for the design of the legal structuring of projects

Liliana Pérez Camberos

Partner Lawyer

Specialist in commercial law and social security law, candidate for a Master of Laws, with extensive experience in corporate and regulatory affairs and in judicial representation, in charge of advising on company law for our private clients and litigation strategy , with more than fifteen years of experience in business consulting and litigation practice.

Alejandra Pérez Camberos


Professional in psychology, with studies in marketing management, with work experience of more than 12 years. Expert, leading consumer studies, analysis and data processing, allowing a deep understanding of the market, to implement strategies that improve the performance of brands and guarantee the successful launch of new products.

Juan Carlos Martínez Salcedo


With more than 10 years of verifiable work experience, with a postgraduate degree in Contract Law, copyright, Magister in Private Law and candidate for a Doctor of Law.

Expert in contractual and corporate law, with more than ten years of experience in the field of advising private sector companies on competition and industrial property matters.

Alejandra Ramos Ortega


Specialist in administrative law, with more than five years of experience as coordinator of interdisciplinary work teams. Extensive experience in administrative and financial matters.

José Gerardo Carreño Rodríguez


With more than 30 years of verifiable work experience.

Expert in corporate law, decision-making in management bodies, mergers, takeovers, spin-offs, reorganizations and liquidations, incorporation and modification of companies.

Cesar Orlando Cardenas


Engineering professional, with training in senior sales and marketing management, business administration, strategic marketing management, extensive knowledge in finance, significant experience in PnL, contribution margin levels, EBITDA, strategic leadership, structuring of business plans, product launch, management of distribution channels and key accounts nationwide and LatAm

In addition to the professional team, Pérez Camberos Consultoría has the necessary personnel to offer the administrative and logistical support required for each project.

The resumes of the professionals with their supports are available when the client so requires.

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